One of my former students, Aaron Hoskins, and I have done some work on using optimization to improve the ability of satellites to monitor an event (e.g, a wildfire). We developed several different stochastic programming models for locating ground stations that download data from satellites (Hoskins and Medal, 2019) and optimizing the orbital parameters of a constellation of satellites (Hoskins and Medal, 2017). Extending the work of Hoskins and Medal (2017), which only considered data collection during the ascending pass of a satellite’s orbit, we also developed a model for collecting data during both the ascending and descending passes (Hoskins and Medal, 2020)

Selected Publications

  1. Stochastic Programming Solution for Placement of Satellite Ground Stations
    Aaron Hoskins, Hugh Medal. To appear in Annals of Operations Research.
    Publication Year: 2019
  2. Satellite Constellation Design for Forest Fire Monitoring Via a Stochastic Programming Approach
    Aaron Hoskins, Hugh Medal, Eghbal Rashidi. To appear in Naval Research Logistics.
    Publication Year: 2017