Jamming Attacks on Wireless Networks: A Taxonomic Survey

Article Status: Published
Publication Year: 2016
Satish Vadlamani, Burak Ekşioğlu, Hugh Medal, Apurba Nandi. International Journal of Production Economics, Volume 172, Pages 76–94
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Defense against jamming attacks has been an increasing concern for the military and disaster response authorities. The military uses jamming attacks as a tool to attack and disrupt terrorist׳s communications, because the open nature of wireless networks makes them vulnerable to various attacks. Many studies and a few survey papers are available in the literature, but none of these papers classify the attacks or the defense strategies by the type of wireless network affected, the attacker or defender׳s perspective, the type of game used to model the problem, such as Bayesian game, Stackelberg game, or the type of solution methodology, such as mathematical programming model and algorithm. This paper provides a comprehensive survey and a taxonomic classification to help interested researchers find the gaps in the literature and guide them to research areas that need to be explored.