Rui Zhou received MSc in Management Science and Engineering from Donghua University

Rui ZhouRui Zhou received her MSc in Management Science & Engineering from Donghua University (DHU) in May 2020. Her research topics are mainly the operation of integrated energy systems with the building cluster (supervised by Dr. Dong Yang) and supply risk management (supervised by Dr. Hugh Medal). In her thesis, OPTIMIZATION FOR THE OPERATION OF THE BUILDING CLUSTER CONSIDERING THE BENEFIT REQUIREMENTS OF INDIVIDUAL BUILDING OWNERS, she developed a decision framework to assist building owners to set their benefit requirements and to support managers in determining the operational decisions of energy systems within the building cluster considering uncertain energy demands. The optimal operational decisions obtained using the developed framework can guarantee both individual benefits of owners and the collective benefit of the cluster, which effectively handle the benefit conflict existing the operation of the building cluster. Besides research related to her thesis, Rui also devoted herself to research on supplier risk management. She focused on the mitigation of endogenous supplier risk in low-volume-high-value manufacturing (e.g., shipbuilding and power plant construction). To solve the large-sized problems in her research, she studied and mastered Bender’s decomposition algorithm and the greedy algorithm.