A Bi-Level Programming Model for the Wireless Network Jamming Placement Problem

Article Status: Peer-reviewed conference papers
Publication Year: 2014
Satish Vadlamani, Hugh Medal, Burak Ekşioğlu, Pan Li. Proceedings of the 2014 Industrial and Systems Engineering Research Conference

Wireless networks, used extensively in military applications, are susceptible to jamming attacks. In this paper, we study a network interdiction problem on a multi-hop multi-channel wireless network in which an attacker places jamming devices in order to minimize the expected throughput of the network. We model this problem as a bi-level attacker-defender mixed integer program. The objective of the attacker is to locate a limited number of jamming devices and determine an optimal channel hopping strategy while the defenders objective is to determine an optimal channel hopping strategy. The defender seeks to maximize the equilibrium network throughput, and the attacker seeks to minimize it. In the defender’s problem, the attacker and defender play a Nash Equilibrium channel hopping mixed strategy.